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10 September 2020 (Thu)
[Venue:Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa]

【Notice of Postponement】

The following program is the one which was for the conference March 17th 2020.
New program will be released on the website in July.

※The conference will be held in Japanese, and there will be no simultaneous Interpretation.

Morning session“Next Generation Market Intelligence Power”5,000 JPY

Time Title Speaker
9:20~9:25 Opening HMIC Founders
9:25~9:50 Product life cycle and sales forecasting
Pharmaceuticals have the property that they can be exclusively sold as an ingredient for about 10 years from a launch. This property greatly characterizes the product life cycle of pharmaceutical products. An example of how to model the product life cycle of a pharmaceutical and apply it to sales forecasting will be presented.
Yukio Ishibashi
Yukio Ishibashi
Senior Adviser
PCS Business Unit
Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.
9:50~10:15 Visualizing Patient Journey by interviewing intractable diseases patients advocacy groups
Patient Centricity and patient journey are controversial topics for Pharma industry. Especially for the patients for rare disease, it is crucial to understand the patient journey as the diagnosis is not well established. I would like to share the experiences how to develop the patient journey of individual patients through the process of hearing of patients and caregivers with the cooperation with the Patient Group.
Hisako Onuki
Hisako Onuki
Chief Researcher
Medical/Bio Group
Seed Planning Inc.
10:15~10:40 How to Find Out Unmet Medical Needs
Uncovering unmet needs is an important task from various standpoints such as commercial assessment, product strategy, and marketing, but it is not easy to find and to use them.
Unmet needs vary depending on the maturity of the disease market. Even within same indication, doctors and patients often have different perceptions.
We would like to investigate key points to unearth unmet needs, by utilizing customized market research and effective interpretation of customer insights.
Gaku Sasaki
Gaku Sasaki
Board Director
10:40~ 10:50 Break
10:50~11:15 Galapagos or Convergence?
Comparison of Drug Treatment Practices in the USA and Big EU5 Countries versus Japan
William P.J. Hall
William P.J. Hall
Ipsos Healthcare
11:15~11:40 TBA
IQVIA / Tableau
11:40~11:45 Closing HMIC Founders

Afternoon Session“Patient Centricity Leading to the Next Generation Healthcare Market”15,000 JPY

Time Title Speaker
13:00~ 13:05 Opening HMIC Founders
13:05~ 13:20 Message from EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Associtiation)
Bernadette Rogers
Bernadette Rogers
Part 1: Make Impossible Possible Chair: Kazumi Fujikawa, HMIC
13:20~ 14:00 Exploring patient needs to make the impossible of neuroscience possible
Ajai Sulekh
Ajai Sulekh
President, Representative Director
Biogen Japan Ltd.
14:00~ 14:40 Reinforce patient-centric ecosystem in Rare Diseases
To effectively address the profound challenges that patients with rare diseases face there is a high need for stakeholders to collaborate and pursue joint efforts to overcome these. In this session we will deep dive the status quo around the development of treatments, patient advocacy efforts and hospital networks. Drawing comparisons with the current status in the United States and Europe to then discuss how the ecosystem in Japan can be reinforced enabling better care for patients.
Misako Hamamura
Misako Hamamura
Senior Vice President, Rare Diseases Business Unit Head
Rare Diseases Business Unit
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
14:40~ 14:50 Break
Part 2: Maximizing value in drastically changing market Chair: Gaku Sasaki, HMIC
14:50~ 15:30 Orphan drug market: trends and forecasts
Paul Verdin
Paul Verdin
Head of Services
Custom Solutions
Evaluate Limited
15:30~ 16:10 Global value optimization for Japan origin drugs
Japanese Origin Drugs Value Optimization Study Group (JVO) aim to maximize the value of Japan origin drugs in the global market, clarify the issues of business value evaluation in pharmaceutical R & D and commercialization, and seek solutions. We have been working to create a place where people from pharma industry can exchange information and discuss with each other.
What value can a pharma company bring to patients? With this perspective, we would like to discuss the importance of maximizing business value of a new drug, based on cross-industry activities at JVO.
Akio Matsumoto
Akio Matsumoto
Japanese Origin Drugs Value Optimization Study Group (JVO)
16:10~ 16:25 Break
Part 3: What can stakeholders with different standpoints do together to meet patients’ needs? Chair: Hitoshi Dennoh HMIC
16:25~ 17:05 Insights to turn “No/Little” in Rare Diseases into “Yes!”
Rare diseases have a small number of patients, and there are not enough resources (such as opportunities for treatment diagnosis, human resources, understanding promotion, financial, etc.) for patients and families. In order to resolve these issues as much as possible, activities to “connect” multi-stakeholders have begun since 2014 as an intermediary organization. In this presentation, I will introduce our efforts as an intermediary organization and current issues based on patient perspectives.
Yukiko Nishimura
Yukiko Nishimura
President / Founder
17:05~ 17:45 To meet the needs of patients who are not satisfied in the rare disease area
Quite a few orphan drugs are used as standard treatment overseas but not launched in Japan yet. OrphanPacific has been committed to provide such drugs to Japanese patients.
This is a difficult challenge under the current atmosphere of intractable and rare diseases treatment in Japan. However, we believe our continuous collaboration with ASrid will make it possible to reflect the patients’ voice and convert into the future Japan Healthcare Policy.
Philippe Auvaro
Philippe Auvaro
Representative Director and President
OrphanPacific, Inc.
17:45~ 17:50 Closing Remarks HMIC Founders
17:50~ Reception

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